Restorative Dentistry

If the function and appearance of your teeth have changed due to wear, decay, or injuries; restorative dentistry can be the solution to having your smile looking new again!

Teeth Colored Fillings

Our minimally invasive composite restorations are an appealing and aesthetic alternative to traditional metal fillings. They are free of metal and are matched to the shade of your existing teeth for a custom restoration to match your needs.

Root Canals

At Coweta Dental and Implants we utilize advanced digital imaging to allow us to accurately visualize the root canals of your teeth to be able to predict a successful treatment and ensure the highest quality of care. Whenever a complex treatment arises, we are able to responsibly refer a treatment that is out of our grasp to an advanced specialist so that you receive the proper care needed.

Fixed Dental Bridges

Bridges can be a great way to fix a gap in your teeth due to missing or lost teeth. They are very stable and can be placed over healthy teeth or dental implants. Each bridge is custom made to fit perfectly and match your existing teeth.

Denture Options

Depending on your individual situation you may find a removable or implant supported denture are more convenient for your goals than a conventional denture. They make for a great way to replace all or some of your missing teeth. They can be fixed into place with implants or removable. Several options are available depending on finances and individual preferences.

Dental Crowns

At Coweta Dental and Implants we deliver the best in crown restorations by making sure to care for your existing teeth and preserving healthy gums throughout the restoration process. We create custom crowns to fit perfectly to your teeth to restore more severe cases of decayed, chipped, or damaged teeth. We offer a variety of materials to create the crowns depending on the patients functional and aesthetic needs.


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